Thank you for signing up, <% $firstname %>! To finish setting up your Zoomshare website and e-mail box, log in to: http://www.zoomshare.<% $tld %>/

Your 7 day Free trial begins today! Please be sure to upgrade your website within 7 days in order to maintain your content otherwise your website will be deleted. To upgrade log in to your console at http://www.zoomshare.<% $tld %>/ and select the package that fits your needs.

<% (split /\./, $su->{dispatch_info}{domain})[1] %>
<% Ii::CGI::eencode($su->{dispatch_info}{password}) %>
(Note: Password is CaSe SenSiTiVe.)
Your Zoomshare web site address is:
http://<% $su->{dispatch_info}{domain} %>
Your Zoomshare e-mail address is:
<% (split /\./, $su->{dispatch_info}{domain})[1] %>@zoomshare.<% $tld %>

You will also receive an e-mail with your Zoomshare account information. Please save this information for future reference. You will need your username and password to perform important site functions, including posting photos and journal entries to your site.

If you have any questions or comments, please check, or the zoomshare Member Forums.
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